LALA PEEL - 2ea/1box

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LHA LALA PEEL - 2ea/1box
Born to strengthen and reboot the skin core, LALA Peel&Fill is the 4th generation peeling product contained LHA and Lipids with less irritation or other side effects.


LHA LALA PEEL - 2ea/1box

The LHA LALA peel was launched in 2020 in South Korea and is now offered in 500+ dermatology and skin clinics in Korea alone. Worldwide, there are 12+ clinics performing the LHA peel and this figure is growing rapidly. Commonly known as the Glass Skin Facial, this treatment is becoming increasingly popular due to its no downtime, no discomfort and glass skin like results. We are always staying up-to-date with current industry trends and products, and at PCM we are proud to introduce the LHA peel amongst our extensive selection of chemical peels and dermal therapies.

What is lipohydroxy acid?

LHA stands for lipohydroxy acid, which is a 4th generation acid to enter the aesthetics industry. LHA falls under the beta-hydroxy (BHA) acid category and is a salicylic acid derivative. It features anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties.

LHA is considered to be comedolytic (an ingredient capable of preventing and treating comedones) and helps prevent blemishes from forming when oil becomes trapped in pores. It can directly target sebum-rich sebaceous glands, further preventing acne and blemishes.

This treatment helps reduce dead skin cell build, thus allowing more optimal penetration compared to some other skin products. 

Compared to salicylic acid (another beta-hydroxy acid), LHA has a larger molecular size and a fatty acid structure, thereby enabling LHA to penetrate the skin at a slower rate when compared to salicylic acid. LHA is gentler and more well-tolerated, than some other hydroxy acids.

LHA is a great alternative for those who cannot tolerate other chemical exfoliants or those wanting something with zero to minimal downtime.

What else is in this peel other than lipohydroxy acid?

P-Sol ™

Obtained from natural oils, such as olive and coconuts, P-Sol helps to reduce irritating side effects of chemical exfoliants and it optimises formula efficacy through a patented production technology. P-Sol helps to induce fibroblast activation, protects skin surface, and generates a barrier of proteins and lipids. It can also assist with collagen and fibrous tissue remodelling.


Lipids are fatty compounds that support skin cell structure and integrity. They form part of the skin barrier that reduces sensitivity and irritation. When combined with comedolytic or exfoliating ingredients such as LHA, they help reduce irritancy and downtime.


LHALALA is a Korean premium medical solution resulting from intensive research by leading dermatologists.

It is a double solution that combines alkali with LHA ingredients and has developed the 4th generation peeling that goes beyond the limit of existing peeling without pain, swelling, and exfoliation.

It can smooth wrinkles, whiten and brighten the skin, and improves acne scars and dark spots without laser treatment.

What benefits you will get from Lhala Peel & Fill?

✅️Acne treatment
✅️Acne marks treatment
✅️Aiti-wrinkles treatment
✅️Elasticity treatment
✅️Skin regeneration and exfoliation
✅️Repairment of the skin barrier
✅️Natural originated surfactant
✅️Active bio-fermentation process

Professional treatment can be done once a week.


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