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Mint Lift Fine
MINT PDO Threads is the latest innovation in facial lifting without surgery. A PDO Thread Lift can make your skin look firmer and smoother by subtly lifting sagging skin and revolumising the face without the need for surgery. It stimulates ongoing collagen and elastin production in the deeper layers of the skin while providing an instant, rejuvenating and contouring effect.



Thread Length: 150mm

Barbs Length: 82mm

USP Size: 2-0

Cannula Gauge: 18G

Cog Design: Bi-direction

Target Area: Full Face, V-line

Package: 20Threads/5Pouches/Box

Special features

• Minimal breakage as a dissolvable, barbed fixation thread

• Increased longevity of lifting effects when used in combination with the standard MINT™ bi-directional threads

Ideal candidates

• Patients looking to maintain long lifting effects

What is MINT ?

MINT™ is a lifting thread (facial tissue fixation thread) made of dissolvable material polydioxanone (PDO) with 360 degree, 3D helical barbs to pull and fixate skin tissue for wrinkle improvement. It is a PDO (Polydioxanone) to deliver safe and outstanding results.

Developed using patented moulding pressed technology, the helically positioned 360˚, 3D barbs have high tensile and anchoring strength to provide superior results.

Face Lifting with MINT™ PDO thread: Contouring treatment for timeless rejuvenation.

Threads contouring treatment has been available for more than 100 years.

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads are not a new type of thread. This type of thread is safe and has less discomfort and downtime associated with its less invasive insertion technique.

MINT™ PDO threads have moulded barbs around the threads in a unique 360 degree pattern. This design enables the moulded barbs to hold the tissues from all directions. This further contributes to their strength and long-lasting lifting power.

• Biodegradable via hydrolysis in 6-8 months

• A non-antigenic and nonpyrogenic polymer that causes minimal tissue reaction or adverse effect

• Studies show PDO induces various tissue changes and neocollagenesis

• Has a long safety track record in orthopedic & cardiovascular surgery

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