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High Inj
High Inj. is an injection solution for skin rejuvenation containing unstabilized hyaluronic acid (HA). High Inj. solution contains high-quality HA of Japanese production (Shiseido company). Injections of HA replenish the skin hydration level ensuring deep and prolonged moisturization of the skin while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. High Inj. also evens the skin tone and reduces scars, pigmented spots, and acne blemishes. When injected together with vitamin C, a more pronounced skin brightening effect can be achieved.


3 mL syringes in a box High Injection is a water-based remedy for basic skin issues that is injected into the dermis, unlike conventional skincare products.

Water deficiency is the leading cause of skin disorders. HIGH INJ includes hyaluronic acid, a powerful moisturizing element, to address them.

The nutritious absorption rate of standard skincare products is less than 15%, however the water light needle smears the epidermis, enters the dermis, and has a nutrition absorption rate of up to 98 percent.

HIGH Injection from Korea is one of the most cutting-edge and effective skin beautification treatments available.  Only moisture can seep into the deep layer of skin, according to a research of the water content distribution ratio of skin cells and the cuticular layer. To reach the ultimate goal of rehydrating and moisturizing the skin. As a result of the injection of hyaluronic acid directly into the dermis, the skin is moisturized and tender, the problem of a lack of moisture in the dermis is effectively treated, and the function of restoring elasticity and whitening is achieved. The entire face was compacted and painful after the therapy. The result is more natural and lasts longer than regular hyaluronic acid injection.

Who might require HIGH INJ :

Lack of water in the skin
Cellular aging, fine wrinkles, and the aging process
Colour spots are caused by a lack of water in the bottom of the muscle, which is black and prone to yellow.
Acne, water and oil imbalances, oil light
Skin channels clogged and pores that are too large
Dry pain in the cell, dry crack, rough surface

Effect on the body :

 significantly improve the whitening and delicate skin of the face, neck, and hands, improving dark skin color, effectively replenishing the moisture needed on the cheek, neck, chest, back of the hand, lip, and other areas.

decrease pores, promote elasticity, and tighten skin; full water replenishment, so the skin is hydrating, soft, more youthful, and transparent; color spots are diluted, and acne is improved.
Freckles, dark circles, acne, thick pores, and skin inflammation are effectively targeted, and fair and tender skin is maintained for a long time.

Benefits and side effects:

1. Rehydrate the skin, whiten it, tighten it, and cleanse it.
2. It is non-invasive, scratch-free, and painless, and it helps to reduce wrinkles.
3. Moisturize well and smooth out rough, dark skin.
4. The procedure is straightforward and quick, taking approximately 10 minutes.
5. It can be regained if there is no swelling following the injection.
6. age reversal and anti-aging

Amount: 2.0ml*3

Location: Korea 

Shipping: Globally ( International)



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