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Liztox 200units
Liztox is a type A botulinum toxin intended for the elimination and prevention of mimic wrinkles. By inhibiting the signaling between muscles and motor nerves, the product is used to control dynamic wrinkles.


Liztox 200U

Liztox is a highly-purified clostridium botulinum toxin A for correction and preventive care of mimic wrinkles. Due to inhibition of signaling between muscles and motor nerves, the product acts as a myorelaxant and is used for the control of dynamic wrinkles. The levelling effect of Liztox is reached by the correction of both, small and deep wrinkles. Applying regularly, the product effectively prevents formation of new folds. In addition, Liztox may be used for the treatment of increased diaphoresis via injections at the perspiratory gland localization (palms, axillas, footsteps). The apparent benefit is the local effect of the drug at the injection area that allows to correct cosmetical defects or provide a treatment (at hyperhydrosis) pointwise, without any side effects on the whole body.

Strengths of Liztox:

  • the high degree of product purification (99.8%)
  • Botulinum Toxin of the product is metabolized very fast by the organism so the effect becomes visible even after 3-7 days after procedure
  • the product is safe and has minimal side effects
  • using the micro-papula technique, the product may be applied for the correction of thin wrinkles in the lips area

Scope of Liztox:

  • correction of mimic wrinkles on the forehead, in the interbrow area and neckline
  • hyperhidrosis treatment
  • recovery of the smooth skin surface
  • correction of blepharospasm

The aesthetic effect lasts from 2 to 8 months.

Product composition: Botulinum toxin A, Human serum albumin 0.5mg, Sodium chloride 0.9mg

Liztox 200IU

Weight: 30g

Volume: 1 vial, 200 units

Manufacturer: Huon’s Global Co., Ltd., South Korea

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Lim Mei Ling (Bangkok, TH)
The fast shipping and excellent

The fast shipping and excellent customer service made my purchasing experience seamless. The product quality exceeded my expectations, and I'll definitely be a repeat customer.

Nattawut (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
easy to use, and the effects last for several months.

I've been using Liztox 200 for a few months now, and I'm thrilled with the results. It has significantly reduced the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, giving more youthful and refreshed look. The product is easy to use, and the effects last for several months.