Belotero Volume

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Belotero Volume
Belotero Volume with Lidocaine is particularly indicated for the restoration of facial volumes. Belotero Volume Lidocaine is a hyaluronic acid filler that uses a unique technology to easily incorporate and increase the volume of your facial skin tissue. Belotero Volume Lidocaine is injected into the deep subcutaneous or supraperiosteal layer. The effect is natural, and the injected hyaluronic acid is usually not felt.


Belotero Volume

Belotero Volume Lidocaine (1ml) is a unique injectable developed by Merz Pharmaceuticals, a company renowned in the cosmetic beauty sphere for high-quality products with remarkable abilities that distinguish them from other filler options. What makes Belotero Volume special is not only its composition (cross-linked hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin and lidocaine for pain relief) but also the innovative Cohesive Polydensified Matrix. This makes the dermal filler much smoother and denser, so the hyaluronic acid gel fills wrinkles and creases perfectly and enhances facial volume effectively.

Due to Belotero Volume’s unique formula, it is mainly recommended for individuals over the age of 40 who need a volumizing effect on their appearance and better hydration of connective tissues.

When performed correctly, the first results should become noticeable approximately a day or two after the injection session. The overall durability of the treatment varies from nine to twelve months, depending on certain factors such as the depth of the creases, the patient's health condition, and environmental influences. Choosing an experienced professional as your doctor is crucial, as a perfect knowledge of facial anatomy and cosmetic filler administration techniques is necessary for a safe and successful procedure.

Target Areas for the Injectable Treatment

As a dermal filler available in the therapeutic and aesthetics markets in Europe and North America, Belotero Volume Lido has various purposes that many patients find quite beneficial. The following results may be achieved by using this Belotero filler:

  • Restore facial volume in the region of the chin, cheeks, and temples;
  • Eliminate superficial wrinkles;
  • Reduce wrinkles in the deep dermis (such as nasolabial folds, marionette lines, frown lines, and others);
  • Improve facial contours for a natural and revitalized look;
  • Perfect and naturally plump the lip shape and restore volume in this zone.

Although lidocaine is included in the composition of these dermal fillers, some patients still need a topical numbing cream before the permanent filler injection, especially those with low pain tolerance.

Limitations for Belotero Volume Lido

Belotero Volume with lidocaine consists only of the safest ingredients, it’s true. However, some patients should still avoid dermal fillers by this brand because of certain contraindications we are going to mention below:

  • Allergic reactions to components included in the Belotero filler;
  • Skin irritation or damage in the target zone;
  • Autoimmune diseases (oncology, diabetes mellitus, etc.);
  • Blood-clotting disorders;
  • Recent cosmetic treatments (such as Botox injections or chemical peels);
  • General poor well-being (flu-like symptoms, fever, weakness, etc.);
  • Young age (less than 18);
  • Pregnancy or lactation period in women.

You may either wait for all irritations to disappear entirely or choose some alternative treatments for appearance perfection.

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