GOURI - 1x1mg

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GOURI - 1x1mg
Collagen Enabled Solubilized Active and Biodegradable Polymer Technology.
It is DEXLEVO’s patent technology that enables regeneration of natural skin collagen and rejuvenates your skin without the use of microparticles.


GOURI - 1x1mg

The first liquid-type PCL (Polycaprolactone) injectable in the world, GOURI promotes natural skin's sustained collagen synthesis, which slows down skin aging.

GOURI PLC filler is an innovative injectable that gently spreads throughout the entire face without difficulty because it is solubilized, biodegradable, and biocompatible. It is not a filler with a localized impact or a temporary skin booster.

Saggy, aging skin can be naturally lifted. skin elasticity improvement and facelift

- decrease of fine lines and wrinkles

- encourages the activation of fibroblasts

- synthesis of fresh collagen

The Function of Gouri PCL Injectable:

Gouri PLC injection is evenly injected into the dermis or subcutaneous tissue. Because of its excellent spreadability, it is organically and uniformly disseminated across the entire face, stimulating the production of collagen. Gouri PCL injection can address facial ageing indications such volume loss and contour laxity, offering an immediate and long-lasting natural lifted result. As we age, our collagen levels rapidly decline.

How is the Gouri procedure carried out?

Our skin is rejuvenated with GOURI PCL Injectable by promoting collagenesis all over the face. Five biostimulatory sites are used on each side of the face to administer the soluble PCL into the skin's dermis.

Due to the much fewer injection spots compared to conventional injection treatments, the risk of pain and bruising is lower.

For whom is Gouri PCL Injectable appropriate?

With minimum downtime, GOURI PCL helps to encourage the skin's natural generation of new collagen for a lifting effect. Anyone in their 20s and older who wants to treat skin laxity can use it.

Reduced Volume

Nabial Fold (Laugh Lines)

Face Lines and Wrinkles

Face and Jowls are saggy


GOURI is a premium collagen stimulator from DEXLEVO that, thanks to its excellent composition, provides comprehensive rejuvenation of the entire face. The product's characteristic liquid polycaprolactone (PCL) regenerates the body's own collagen and because it does not contain particles or other active ingredients, it provides full revitalization of the skin and improvement of wrinkles. In this way GOURI treats even the deepest face wrinkles. It can also be used exclusively for the eye area to offer eyes a youthful appearance. The specially developed application protocol also creates a complete lifting effect.

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