Neuramis Volume lidocaine

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Neuramis Volume lidocaine
Neuramis is a dermal filler contains hyaluronic acid (HA) at a concentration of 20g/ml Neuramis Effective for improving facial wrinkles. Neuramis Lidocaine is a robust anti-wrinkle filler that delivers natural-looking enhancement of lips, chin, and cheeks. Neuramis, which has been listed with the Neuramis is U.S. FDA and the European Medicines Agency


Neuramis Volume Lidocaine

The requirements for preparations with hyaluronic acid are still growing, because the injection treatments are also used by elderly people, e.g. after 60 years of age. If we are looking for a filler for deep wrinkles, Neuramis Volume will be the perfect product.

Application of Neuramis Volume Lidocaine

This preparation contains hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, which has very good properties for the skin. Neuramis Volume is made in the course of microbial fermentation, thanks to which it ensures safety for all customers who undergo the treatment with its use. Hyaluronic acid in the preparation perfectly penetrates the skin, filling even very deep wrinkles. It can be used to correct deep furrows and facial contours. You can use it on the cheeks and chin. The product may only be used by aesthetic medicine doctors and persons trained to do so.

Thanks to the lidocaine contained in the composition, the treatment with the use of this filler is completely painless.

The effects of using Neuramis Volume Lidocaine

  • filling even very deep furrows,
  • face oval correction,
  • filling mimic wrinkles,
  • moisturizing and increasing the density of the skin.

Included in the package

  • Neuramis 20 mg / ml (including 0.3% lidocaine) and two needles.

Product for professional use only.

By deciding to purchase, you declare that you are a doctor or cosmetologist trained in aesthetic medicine

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